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On Defining a Profession from Scratch

Hey, Sebastian.

I've been thinking about how you're a strategist. What does that entail? How do you go about getting into that area of study? How do you start learning about such a broad field?

My ideas for my life are fairly big and broad, making it difficult to know where to start. I know about the principles of kaizen, taking small steps that compound into something big, but there's still the question of which small steps (out of the 1000 possibilities) to start with. I'm hoping your experience with being a strategist might give me a few ideas.



Task-Crusher Days

On Kevin Espiritu

At the end of a month, there's usually a lot of random  nonsense that has built up.  I'm testing out a strategy for dealing with that by dedicating the least-important day in the last week of the month to task crushing.

Here's what I do.

This is similar to the GTD method of dumping everything from your brain.  I write down the main categories that tasks sit in, and then I sit down for 10 minutes and scribble down everything I can think of, no matter how trivial.

"Host webinar" goes down on the list right with "Get a vitamin holder".  I keep going until I can't think of anything.

I use a simple dot system to rank the categories, then I go into the tasks themselves.  One dot is most important, two is middle, and three is least.

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