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Running List of Agendas

Last post, I mentioned in passing that creating an "Agendas" notebook on Evernote on or a folder on your desktop can be very valuable when clearing a lot of email out.

Today, I'd like to simply break that out and say -- If you dont have a running Agenda list, start one today and try it for a week.

It's rare to find a productivity technique that is easy to maintain, with almost no cost, no downside, and that produces huge gains. And the running list of Agendas is one of those.

It's easy to start. If you forget to do it for a while, it's easy to restart with no real cost, cleanup time, or setup time required. Ty it out for a week and report back; I think you'll be utterly amazed at how much more you done in your conversations and meetings.

Quitting BTYB?

On Tynan

Maybe by definition, but not in spirit.

I've been thinking a lot about BTYB / LN over the past couple weeks, which lead to the survey from yesterday (please take a minute to fill it out if you haven't already). Tonight I had a conversation about all this with Carl Zetterlund, a long time reader who is doing a segment of LN with me right now.

So, I think it's time to make some changes. Here are the problems, as I see them:

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