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Don't Wait For Permission, It Ain't Coming

I saw this excellent blog post - "What a High School Student Learned from Paul Graham" - and I was really impressed with the author. He sounds like he's going to kick lots of ass.

I commented on his site, and I like how this comment turned out. Here you go -

Impressive, very good attitude. Godspeed in your endeavors.

A quick thought - don't wait for permission in any area of life. It's rarely that people will throw open the doors to you. Most forms of adventure and worthy causes and prestige can be walked into with a small amount of money as long as you're willing to try.

It costs maybe $500, max, to get a basic scubadiving license, and it's one of the most enjoyable things you'll ever do in your life.

What's My Motivation?

On Tynan

I haven't taken a nap since my last update, but I wrote a huge long motivational letter to myself. Here it is :

Dear Ty :

Hey man. Look, I know it's probably REALLY hard for you to stick to the sleep diet right now, but PLEASE PUSH THROUGH FOR ME. I've put some serious time and have gotten you most of the way there. You're doing the hard part now, but you can make it!

Just think about how great it's going to be in just a day or two! You will never sleep a full night again! The power is going to be amazing! You're going to start your new business! How fun will that be?? With all this free time, you can make it to a million by 25. I know you can. You've been hustling and that's awesome

I can't wait to tell people 'Actually, I don't sleep.'. THIS IS SO TY! You are going to make it and be a badass. It will help with everything' you will be a mini celebrity just for this if you play it correctly.

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