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I'm building or buying a CRM-like system. You can help.

Hello, reader of my blog!

I meet lots of people.

I can't keep track of everyone.

This is costing me all sorts of bad things. I'm missing opportunities to connect with good people, and since 90% of interesting things in life are the result of connecting with good people, I think this is really a big leak of good things from my life.

I've decided to get a CRM-like system. CRM stands for "customer relationship management" - it's commonly used in sales to track what communication you've had with a prospect/client/etc in the past. Have they gotten a brochure? Have you talked with them on the phone? Did you followup after they bought? How happy were they? Did they fill out a testimonial? Did they refer anyone? Did you send them a gift for referring someone? What's their birthday? Etc, etc.

Survey Results

On Tynan

Wow. I don't know what I was expecting, but I got a ton of awesome feedback from you guys. Some people literally wrote a page or two.

So first of all... thanks a ton. I read every single reply (over one hundred total) and got a ton of good info.

I'll share some of the insights provided.

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