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Steel on the Inside, Silk on the Outside

Two days ago I took a very hot bath. The place I'm staying has a large bathtub, and I sunk slowly into the scalding hot water, and thought. My mind moved this way and that way, drifting around, and I had some good ideas. I opened my eyes and got down to the details of the bath itself.

I scrubbed the dead skin off hard with soap, got out, dried off, and put on lotion, as described in "adding good skin at age 100 to goals."

This is not uncommon for me. I wrote in "Daydreaming" that my mind was wrecked, so I went to get a massage at a spa with essential oils, and then drank green tea and ate ginger.

I'm wearing light colors - sky blue, white, purple are among my favorite. I'll wear silks and cotton. I believe in being polite, friendly, maybe even a little lighthearted when with people most of the time. I don't take myself too seriously.

I think most guys are afraid to do this - to wear light colors, to go to a spa, to being silly and lighthearted, these traditionally feminine things. I think most guys go out of their way to appear tough, rugged, macho. And you know why? I think it's because most of 'em are soft on the inside, scared, powerless, aimless.


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So, I'm working on a little project revolving around Applause by Lady Gaga. Gaga has always fascinated me, I think it's purely for the fact that she's different, she stands up for the unordinary and encourages people to be and pursue whatever they want, to follow their dreams.

This first time I heard Applause I was immediately hooked and if I'm totally honest, I've played it everyday since..

A majority of people watch and listen to music videos without even clueing on to what the artist wants to portray. With Applause, it's kind of obvious what the song's about. However, rather than being just about a round of applause, I think that Lady Gaga is showing her desperation and dependance on our applause, she's showing the world that she has still got it and is not afraid to go and get it. This idea was backed by her choreographer and artistic director in an interview I've seen.

For my project, I want to take this particular part of the message and adapt her idea slightly, adding my own twist. Much of the choreography is the same, some will be adapted and some brand new material I have created. I'm currently in the process of putting together a group of dancers; hopefully there will be some updates to follow in the near future!

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