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Ambition: It'll kill you, if you don't kill it first

Well, then.

From "Ambition reported to reduce lifespan and happiness" -

Judge explained that ambitious people who were successful in school and at work lived longer; however, ambitious people who did not find success in these areas lived shorter lives. “So, if one is to be ambitious, one had better insure that they translate it into success. Otherwise, they may experience the negative effects without any of the positive.”


However, despite their successes, he noted that they were not successful in terms of what might be considered the most important variables: happiness and longevity of life. He explained that even though ambitious people ought to have the happiest lives in the world because they attain so much, they were only slightly happier than the “slackers” and lived for about the same length of time. However, those that did not attain successful careers were less happy and significantly more likely to die before less ambitious people.


On Gorilla Tactics

The last few days I've been working on integrating tutorial code into the FlatRedBall scripting system, and let me tell you - it's awesome! 

The FlatRedBall scripting system is essentially a quick-setup that allows for scripts to be written in plain C#. I load up a file which has a public void Initialize() method, and within that method I write my scripts in blocks of 



Each block is precipitated by a If, and  can then be followed by as many Do's as desired. This is an incredibly straight forward way to setup scripts for a level, and so far I've implemented

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