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A Cure For Sleepless Nights

Unfortunately, entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists, and creatives of all stripes have a dual-sided problem. When things are going great, it's hard to sleep! Your mind is racing, filled with great ideas and inspiration.

The flipside is no better -- haunted visages of worries and concerns feeling us up.

And when it happens, we're presented a dreadful choice: lie there in a frustrating unsleepable mood, or get up restlessly and push your sleeping hour back. Neither, frankly, are great options.

Then, I found a solution that's been one of the biggest gains to health and happiness I've discovered over the last year.

I took up a more serious meditation practice earlier this year in Japan. I set my goal very simply: just meditate five minutes per day. I don't focus on having a "great meditating session" -- often they go poorly -- but even the poor sessions teach me something.

The Power of Meditation

On Travel 'n' Wellness

According to Leo Babuata of zenhabits, meditation is the most important habit to implement.

I agree.

Three years ago, I began meditation after StumblingUpon Babuata's blog.

Every morning I woke up, sat on a comfortable cushion, and listened to my breath for 10-15 minutes. Well, every morning I wasn't hungover. And every morning I wasn't busy with school work. Aaand every morning I was at home, and not on the road.

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