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The Format of a Great Knowledge Share Call

One of the best ways to stay in touch with people and be highly productive is to have a "knowledge share" call. Here's the format of a great one:

*Scheduled at least a week in advance *Both people have some experience on the topic to bring to the table *Profitable actionable subject matter *30 minutes to 90 minutes usually; 120 minutes rarely *A great agenda set in advance *Great prep beforehand

Greater detail:

*Scheduled at least a week in advance: This gives both participants time to turn the topic over in their heads and notice talking points in their daily life. Even if you don't do this consciously, your subconscious will pick up new subject matter when you know you've got a knowledge share coming up. I recommend scheduling them at least a week out.

*Both people have some experience on the topic to bring to the table: I've found a single broad theme that both people can bring something valuable to be most profitable. I'll also have calls where I'm just helping someone, or vice-versa, can be great. But the best is when you have hands-on experience here. If you don't have any, don't ask for a full knowledge share -- instead ask for a single piece of tactical guidance and go bang your head against the wall doing that for a while, refine a bit, then have the call. You've got to bring a lot to the table.

You're Deciding How Well You Want To Do It

Our story begins with Ciara Pressler going on a 16-mile run. It’s her best run of the year.

Her hypothesis?

She chose to run well today.

Ciara spent the night before visualizing having an energetic and successful run, and came to the start of it with that purpose and expectation. She was excited as she laced up her sneakers, and met her friends — fellow runners who can push the pace.

At one moment in the long run, Ciara thinks, “I want to fall behind.”

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