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You're Deciding How Well You Want To Do It

Our story begins with Ciara Pressler going on a 16-mile run. It’s her best run of the year.

Her hypothesis?

She chose to run well today.

Ciara spent the night before visualizing having an energetic and successful run, and came to the start of it with that purpose and expectation. She was excited as she laced up her sneakers, and met her friends — fellow runners who can push the pace.

At one moment in the long run, Ciara thinks, “I want to fall behind.”

Self Improvement Demands an Outlet

On Tynan

I'm aware that everyone, including myself, is probably a little bit of a hypocrite. What irks me the most is when I do something, say wear a chain with my name on it, think it's cool, and then see someone else do it and think it's lame.

So when I hang around self improvement fanatics and find their quest for self improvement to be a little bit annoying and selfish, I'm horrified. Maybe I'm just as self indulgent as they are.

A good chunk of my friends are on perpetual quests for self improvement (Leo Babauta and Sebastian Marshall to name a couple), and I don't find it annoying at all. It's the opposite, actually; it's inspiring.

What's the difference, and how can I make sure I'm on the right side of it? The answer I've come to is that self improvement demands an outlet.

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