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On Defining a Profession from Scratch

Hey, Sebastian.

I've been thinking about how you're a strategist. What does that entail? How do you go about getting into that area of study? How do you start learning about such a broad field?

My ideas for my life are fairly big and broad, making it difficult to know where to start. I know about the principles of kaizen, taking small steps that compound into something big, but there's still the question of which small steps (out of the 1000 possibilities) to start with. I'm hoping your experience with being a strategist might give me a few ideas.



Zac Efron's Socks and Equality

On jstJSH

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I was watching The Graham Norton Show on BBC1 Friday night and I noticed that guest Zac Efron was wearing a pair of bright rainbow colored socks. The next time I refreshed my Twitter feed (@justxjosh for those that don't already follow me) I was bombarded by tweets of "I love how Zac Efron promotes gay equality" and other such drivel and I was genuinely a little disheartened by how much people in support of gay equality find meaning in the most abstract of ways.

Is everything around us now a symbol for something? If Zac's technicolor sock choice automatically present him as a supporter of gay rights rather than a lover of quirky undergarments does that mean my love for watermelon makes me an advocate for Martin Luther King month? Has my favourite military style jacket now become a symbol for my supporting of our troops? Does the fact that I know all the words to Nicki Minaj's 'Super Bass' now mean I'm a passionate spokesperson for woman's equality, freedom of expression and the peoples right to wear wigs?

No, no and no. Can we all just take a second to breathe and remind ourselves that sometimes a pair of socks is nothing more than a pair of socks, a watermelon is just a delicious way to get one of your five a day, a military jacket is just fashionable and that Nicki Minaj is just fierce. Not everything we say, do or wear is fraught with hidden meaning and symbolism. Our lives are not discarded plots in a Dan Brown novel. Just chill out and enjoy them for what they are.

J x

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