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Comment: The social dynamics of bullying

The internet is a pretty crazy place. Five weeks ago I posted “Son, as soon as someone puts their hands on you…” - it was a well enough received post, y'know, normal par for the course type stuff. Then a couple days ago it gets submitted to a few places around the internet, and over 20,000 people come and read it. There's over 120 new comments there, many of them really intelligent and insightful.

This one stands out to me by "A Psychologist" -

I've studied bullying for a number of years now. The social dynamics of bullying are very old, evolutionarily speaking. The references to dominance hierarchies and such are not ill-placed, teenagers are primates after all.

Coupled with that, they're grappling with all sorts of psycho-social issues ranging from hormones to newly placed pressures to define themselves and seek a future worthy of respect, etc.

Moreover, this is the first and last place (outside prison) where physical dominance really matters and can be exercised with relatively little consequence - so bullies milk it the best they can.


On The Anon Girl

I don't understand people! Someone I know, attempted suicide today. Yes, it was a terrible thing, but the peoples reactions did not help anything! They were all saying that the people who bullied her should go to hell, and that they were going to beat them up and put them in the hospital! She bullies people too, I hate the fact that she tried to take her life, but the truth is she does bully people too, constantly. People think bullying is when you say something rude to someone....that is not the definition! Bullying has to be a constant thing, and they keep doing it over and over again! If people start saying stuff to the people that bullied her, than what if they ended up trying to take their life? And than people did that to the next people that bullied that person, it would just start a chain. I believe that no one deserves to go to hell, some people deserve to be punished for what they have done, but not to go to hell.They don't understand that being rude to the people that were rude to her is not going to help anything! It's just going to make things worse! I don't understand humans sometimes. Whenever I speak up, people tend to say that I'm wrong, and than they start to think that I'm saying these things because I was the bully. Is it wrong to have my own opinion? I would love to hear your opinions on this! So please comment and tell me what you think of situations like this.

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