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Does it count as work to read statistical analysis about Dennis Rodman?

The Case for Dennis Rodman is one of the finest things on the entire internet.

If you hate statistics, you'll hate it.

If you can merely muddle through statistics -- you don't have to like them -- it's a set of essays where bombshell after bombshell of epiphany and mental models break through.

It looks at bias, naive and advanced statistics, hubris, winning, contributions to team efforts, resource usage, utilization, media, narratives, historical eras and change... it's sometimes meandering, sometimes laser-focused, highly aware of itself and its own potential flaws... it's a masterpiece.

You should probably read it, but that's not the point of this post.

Scrum, The Good Bits: The Backlog

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or Backlogs, accountability & the look on a Product Owner's face when their New Feature pushes another Feature over the deadline

This article is one of a series on Scrum, The Good Bits.

Scrum has this habit of giving new names to old ideas - status meetings become Daily Standups, requirements become Stories, and the list of things you need to do becomes a Backlog. Every so often someone discovers this and decides it means Scrum is bullshit, and loses the baby as the bath water swirls away.

This is a shame, because Scrum has a whole bunch of good ideas. And some of the best ones - from a developer's perspective - come from the Backlog.

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