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Business Cards and a Website? Nahh, just get started.

Just got a question about getting good looking business cards and a website before opening a consulting business.

It just so happens I recently made some biz cards. There's two general schools of thought on good biz cards:

1. Do something traditional, but make it excellent quality. 2. Do something weird.

The latter is actually good when done right - something like giving away a guitar pick instead of a card, or something made of hard plastic, or metal, or something weird. I thought of just making a card that says "Sebastian Marshall - Strategist" on it, and nothing else. (I'd have to be really vigilant with my Google results if I did that!) But anyway, the weird approach is very case by case, and probably not what you're looking for.

The #1 case is much easier. You write down all your contact info you want on the card, you put your logo on a zip drive if you have a logo, and then you go to a high end print shop and tell them to make your card on the nicest paper, and let their designers do it for you. It'll cost you between $20 and $100 depending on if there's design fees or not. That's probably the fastest way to get nice cards made - just go to a good printshop and let them have at it.

New Site: Best in the Land

On Tynan

I'm unemployed for only three days and I've already made a new site. This is one that I've been thinking about doing for a while, but just finally got around to it. If you were a member of my forums, you would have already seen it, along with a couple other new projects I'm working on.

Anyway, if I were to sit down and think of my strengths and interests, I would come up with the impossible talent of being one of the greatest consumers on earth. For any given product category, from down comforters to toasters, I could tell you what the absolute best item is. In an effort to turn this seemingly useless gift into something, allow me to present Best in the Land.com.

Several times a week (perhaps even once a day), I'll write about a product that I know has no equal. Occasionally I'll write about something too expensive for normal people to buy, but most of the time I'll focus on practical purchases. Most of the products I'm planning on writing about I actually own. Those that I don't own I have used extensively.

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