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Slow Fitness

Lots of people get out of shape, don't think about it, and then one day hit rock bottom or have a realization and go crazy to get into shape.

I'm not sure that's the best way to go about it.

I was pretty significantly injured in March (described here), and my fitness probably hit a low point in May. Now it's interesting - I actually haven't been on any sort of hardcore program since then, but I see my fitness levels improving.

I started working in movement and motion into every day. I tried to go for a walk, at least 15 minutes but ideally an hour every single day. No matter how busy you are, you could find time to do this.

I multi-task the walk. At the very least, I listen to an audiobook. This seven hours of walking time each week means I get through lots of audiobooks, which is great. I'm learning every day.

Getting Strategic About Checking Off Buckets

I love Lewis Quartey's Bucket List - it's a set of goals he's got. It's massively inspiring. Here's his list of things he wants to do:

Give A TED Talk Make £1000 a day for a week At one point in my life, have a six pack Live in another country for a year Do a cart wheel, hand stand, front flip or back flip with no assistance Write a book and have it published Complete a 26 (or more :-s) mile marathon running/jogging the whole thing Bench press 200kg Complete a comedy stand up routine in front of a crowd of more then 10 people (who I don’t know) Own a restaurant or hotel Own a car worth more then £50,000 (Ideally a used Audi R8 a few years down the line) Be featured in a movie or TV show, or record my own film Learn to ride a 250cc or more motorbike

Now, when I see a list like this, the gears start turning and whirring in my head. This is the sort of thing I love, figuring out how to systematically do and achieve things. I mean, that's basically what a strategist is, y'know?

I start thinking, hmm, what's required to do these things? What could Lewis check off first? I wonder if there's any ways I could assist at all, hmm. I like assisting virtuous and enterprising people. It's what I do instead of play video games, and Lewis seems like a strong and enterprising dude.

So I think, hmm, what's required for each one of these goals? All of them might require a bit of skill, but additionally there's primary things that are needed - connections, resources, or consistent application of time. Let's categorize a little -

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