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No one's a coward; everyone's reasonable

"I want to go after my dreams, but..."

"I hate my job, but..."

"I'd like to travel, but..."

"I really want to be an artist, but..."

You're not a coward.


Question from a reader --

"Hi Sebastian,Have you had any experience with journaling your thoughts daily? I know you previously carried out the 90-day tracking, but what about tracking your thoughts instead of your daily activities?If you've every journaled your thoughts on a day-to-day basis, what advantages/disadvantages did you encounter?If you've never done so, would you see value in it?And regardless of each, do you think that sharing the journaled thoughts on a public forum (similar to your 90-day tracking) provides any benefits over keeping them private?Cheers, and thanks for reading.--J"

I have spent time journaling, though not reliably and consistently. When I do it, my entries tend to be 2-3 pages long, so it tends to be a few hours long process for me.

One thing that's worked very well for me during transitions is to find 3 hours to go to a cafe with no technology, just paper notebooks and a pen. Then I'd write at the top of the page, "What do I want?" And I'd just write.

The answers tend to get more refined over time. It's interesting, because I think most people have never reasoned through what they want, and the many ways to get there. They never dig deep and probe into what they want to do, and not do, what's potentially conflicting, and so on.

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