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Days Seventeen and Eighteen: Perhaps I Have A Solution To Entering "High Creative Mode"

"Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here." -- Inscription on the Gates of Hell, Dante Alighieri's "Inferno"

The worthy detour? I think I've got a formula for "High Creative Mode"... just it's not particularly consistently effective yet, and it's playing a pretty high stakes game. On Day Seventeen, I made my first crack at applying it, and had an incredible day. I wrote a 5000-word piece, that after editing and getting the ending right, I think could be amazingly fantastic. Just writing it was a joy.

Following from that, I was walking on air for the rest of the day.

In Day Eighteen, I attempted the same thing, and fell short. This was maddening, and the whole day was aggravating. I think I've got a rough formula for High Creative Mode, but it doesn't produce 100% results. And when it fails, it's pretty ugly, at least so far.

I kept detailed notes on both days, much more fleshed out than usual. There's more stream-of-consciousness. They're... honestly, a little weird. You can evaluate for yourself:

Waiting for my Owl

On Waiting for My Owl

For those of you who haven't read or seen anything Harry Potter, a couple of things... 1. The title of my blog may not make a bit of sense. 2. Harry Potter is awesome...read it as soon as you can then come back to this point of this post.

For the rest of us Harry Potter nerds, we all know what purpose owls serve in the wizarding world. They're postal workers. In the first book, a piece of mail turns Harry's world upside down. He discovered, despite his narrow minded Muggle uncle and aunt's attempt to bury it, the truth about himself. He's a wizard. And he's invited to be a part of a whole new place. Live a whole new life. Have a new home.

Harry had a suspicion that there was something more. That there were things about him that didn't fit with the life he was being dealt. This news was good news. And after hearing it, he never looked back.

I think God sends us owls with good news. He wants us to hear that news, embrace who we are because of that news, and never look back.

I want to live every day in anticipation of these owls. With my window open and my eyes searching the skies. So often I pull Vernon Dursleys and board myself up or run away to a pathetic shack on a deserted island and miss the good news God wants to remind me of every day.

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