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Patri on Compound Interest vs. Investing in Your Skills

The ever insightful Patri Friedman has commented on "My Spending Over the Last 8 Days." Very good insight on the pros and cons of investing in assets for compound interest or investing in your own personal development -

It's tricky, because on the one hand, there is all the magic of compound interest you refer to, and OTOH, if you love working and will be making good money the rest of your life, then you have ample opportunity to make it later. For people who want to retire as early as possible, working hard for max savings makes sense. The difference between saving HARD (and researching a minimal cost retirement in another country) vs. saving just 10% a year can easily mean retiring at 35 vs. 60.

Bur for those with valuable skills who like to exercise them (which it seems like is the case for you), who like to always have a hand in the game, the value of saving is less.

One unfortunate thing is that when you are young, you tend to have both rapidly growing savings and career, it is the time when investing in savings yields the most l ong-term returns...and so does investing in yourself. Both of them compound.

Personally, my net worth has gyrated insanely over my adult life, so making good spending decisions has always been hard!

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On Tynan

During my second year at college, I thought that investing was easy. I read about options, paper traded for a few months, and then solicited my friends for investments. Many of them invested in my hedge fund - "The H Fund", which I started with a friend. In total we had $26k, which was quite a lot considering how young we were.

The fund survived for a few months, even being profitable for a short amount of time. In the end, though, we lost all of the money. Luckily I have awesome friends who understood the risk, and no one was mad. Still - I learned my lessons and stayed out of the stock market for years.

For some reason or another I started reading about Warren Buffet. For those that don't know, he is the second richest man in the US, with a worth of over 40 billion. What makes him exceptional is that he is the only person on the top 100 richest people list who made his money through investing.

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