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Income Lower Than Desired, Too Much Reading and Not Enough Action

Hi Sebastian,

Made my first comment on your blog recently and as promised, i'm here to make direct contact via email, officially deleting my name from the list of 900 :)

I'm blown away by the depth of the posts you make in response to emails from other folks for advice, so i'm gonna try my luck seeking some insights from you about my situation.

I just graduated from university about one and a half years ago.

So fast forward to today. Till now, i still only manage a low 4-figures monthly income from the internet business.

Birth of an Ajumma

On The Best of Sett

I remember the first day I met her, when she took me to orientation. I got in her car and she was all smiles, but I couldn't figure out her English ability. What better way to do that then to crack a few jokes about cheating on her husband, fuck me right?

“That's a nice ring. It looks heavy.”

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