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Dad teaches entrepreneurship to daughter via Lemonade Stand

This post by Douglas Ingram is exceptional:

Lessons in Entrepreneurship via the Lemonade Stand

It came up on my Google Alerts, and, wow, it's got to be one of the coolest things I've seen this year. And I've seen a lot of cool this year, so that's saying something.

Douglas's whole approach is really, really cool. Some excerpts:

We use the Dave Ramsey school of thought with our daughter. Each week she gets a small allowance that she allocates (her choice) to four different envelopes (a) spend (b) save (c) invest (d) donate.

Stop Gray Zoning

On Cameron Chardukian

One of the most immediately applicable tips anyone could give you on increasing your level of productivity is to spend less time in the gray zone. When you’re working work, and when you’re revitalizing revitalize.

Don’t allow yourself to get caught in a weird hybrid of semi-productive activities because you lack the energy to complete truly important things, but are too stubborn to take a break.

Think of productivity as if it were a video game. Imagine writing, lifting weights, studying, or whatever you consider to be productive as costing one energy point per hour, but after an hour adding ten points to your score.

Let’s say being semi-productive and checking email, or doing “research,” on the internet costs 0 energy points per hour, but after an hour adds one point to your score.

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