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Modest Stillness and Humility

From Shakespeare's "Henry V" --

"In peace there's nothing so becomes a man as modest stillness and humility" -- what a wonderful line, no? Shakespeare is saying that stillness and humility are virtues most of the time.

But the remainder of the time -- when it's peace no more -- stillness and humility aren't called for. Then, you imitate the actions of the tiger.

Perhaps it's why Shakespeare is still so widely enjoyed -- he captured human nature well. In times of steadfastness, we prefer the steady and levelheaded. But when times are insane or crazy, we turn to crisis leaders -- those who imitate the actions of the tiger.

In Defense of Affinity

Noah Gibbs left a very smart comment on "The First Question" --

This is a brilliant comment; Noah is as insightful as always.

I might pick a small bone with, "A lot of (most) people's drive and motivation come from loving what they do" -- is this true? This implies that most people have towards-based goals, things they want. Whereas I would guess that most people are more motivated in general in their life by avoiding pain and removing discomfort? See, EX, loss aversion.

But that's a nitpick, and a very small nitpick, because that's a very insightful comment which I'mv very grateful for. In particular, not factoring your own emotional needs into "what is true?" is a disastrously bad idea.

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