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On Refining Diet

I eat pretty well and take pretty good care of myself. But it's taken quite a while to get here - before 2006, I had a pretty standard American diet. Lots of pizza, junk food, fast food, liquor, soda, sweets, etc. I smoked cigarettes, cigars, sheesha, and other kinds of tobacco.

Since then I've refined my diet and I eat pretty well. I have more energy, feel better, look better, and God willing, I'll live a lot longer as a result. It's a gradual process though, and I'm still improving. There's a few things I use to do it:

First, I'm all about incremental improvement - I think trying to crash change your diet is unlikely to work unless you have immense amounts of willpower and self-discipline. If you do have these Herculean amounts of will and discipline, you know who you are and don't need my advice. If you're more mortal, then you'll want to pick one or two things to be refining in your diet at a time.

Second, there's two ways I quit food or habits I don't like - "hard quitting" (cold turkey) and "soft quitting" (gradually reduce my consumption and eventually eliminate it). I pick which of these routes to go based on how convenient it is to quit something outright and if there's any detox process. If there's detox (like there was with nicotine), I think it's better to just get it over with once instead of constantly feeling deprived as your body re-adjusts to its new biochemical levels. The most successful method for quitting smoking is cold turkey, isn't it? Something like 80% of successful attempts to quit smoking are cold turkey? I don't have the statistics onhand, but that's the general idea. Quitting something like sugar, bad oils, or excess salt might be easier to do incrementally, since you need to replace the consumption with something else.

Which brings us to third point - I actively introduce new good behaviors before and during the time I quit something. Now, I don't know if the following is a good strategy, but it's what I did - when I started cutting down the sweets I ate, I increased my consumption of the kinds of salty foods I already ate: Chips, french fries, nuts, etc. Later I cut the salt content back. I don't know if that's a good habit, but it's worked okay for me. I also try to actively introduce fruits and vegetables before I quit something - it's hard to go from no fiber food that's highly processed to stimulate you immediately to fruits and vegetables. Fruit tastes bland compared to ice cream. So I introduce fruits and vegetables first, get comfortable with them, then increase my consumption of them as I decrease or eliminate bad consumption.

First journal.

On Ideas in the Making

Woke up today at 6 am to catch the markets, had some stocks in mind to buy. But since I am under pattern day trader rule I can only make 3 trades a week, which is pretty fucking annoying. Anyways bought 1000 shares of OCZ on the ramp up, miscalculated my protofilio, missed a great buy at .48~ or so and ended up buying at .525. Set a 7% trailing stop loss and went back to sleep. Would've stayed up, and would've loved to short some other stocks (OXBT, PGLO), but pattern day trader and my broker don't let me short penny stocks easily.

Made around 10% of OCZ, woke up later at artound 11 am, stock surged past .6, I tighented my trailing stop loss to 5%, Unforuntately my trailing stop loss was a bit to wide by this time, I shouldve just put a stop loss at .595~ or something like that instead. Missed a great selling opprotunity in lower .6s or .59 and my trailing stop loss ended up selling at a little under .58 (like .576) I still made money on the trade, but after fees, not much.

Observations: OXGN was a huge buy today, defintely the winner. OXBT, as expected, surged early on in the day to around 11 then was a prime candiate. Most times these runner up explode the same day before diving hard. 2 dollars in 30 minutes after 3-5 trading days of exesive gains made OXBT an obviosu short. Regardless one is here to play the odds, and yesterday one could've said the same thing. That is why I think level 2 watching is very important. You wanna short into fast conslusive crashed where constant stop losses are being triggered. Best to pay attention to level, find where volume is exhausted, wait for tapering on, set a short, a VERY conservative stop loss, and then keep paying attention. I dont have much, if any experience shorting so I'm going to have to try.

I am considering opening an overseas broker to bypass this dumb pattern day trader rule, but have to talk to accountant and see whats up with that.

some stock picks for today which I had in mind but why I didnt buy:

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