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Again. Sell Before Building. Get Started Now.

Lightly edited question from a reader -

i'm working on iphone apps whilst in my day job, until the income from that can replace my day job, then i can resign and start a business where i'll make ipad apps for [small business], and one day hope to take that to [large businesses] where i'd love to slash the red-tape bureaucratic burden, and make things better.

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I'd recommend you write a letter outlining your iPad services idea, and send it to 100 [people in that particular industry] you respect. Offer to do the first one for relatively cheap, perhaps $10k USD, half upfront, half on completion. Be willing to outsource/pay well and make almost no margin on the first one just to do it. And then you'll be in the business you want. Waiting is so, so linear.

The Skill of Passing

If you're working a lot of stuff, you'll come across it sooner or later -- "learn to say no."

It's true. You need to learn to say no. There's a limited number of labor hours you've got, and a limited number of calendar days you've got, and a limited amount of mental bandwidth, and a limited amount of scarce resources. Every hour, day, thought, and dollar you deploy in one area is not deployed in another area. Not only should you not attempt to do everything, you should recognize that trying would be crazy.

And yet.

I know. I empathize. When you're chaining a run of successes together and everything is going smoothly, it's oh-so-tempting to layer more and more on.

So, learn to say no?

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