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On Loyalty and Empire-Building: Muhammad and Khadijah, Hideyoshi and Nene

I've scoured the books of history looking for trends - why did this person succeed, when that one failed? Why did this movement shape the world, while that one died out? Why did this nation win, and that one lose?

Some people think accidents explain history. Perhaps accidents explain some of history, but certainly not all. You see common virtues among those who succeeded, and frequently you see common vices among those who failed.

Of the common virtues, the successful seem to have an immense amount of loyalty and reverence for the people that "got them there," revering and celebrating them even as they bring more and more people to their banner. The people who break from their early friends and supporters usually end poorly, in an isolation of their own making.

You can see this with two men that had the biggest impact on their respective cultures - Muhammad in Arabia, and Hideyoshi in Japan.

Both men were low born, but came to be hugely influential. There are a number of similarities in their stories. They both found and married an exceptional, charismatic, diplomatic, high born, highly intelligent woman relatively early in their careers. The wives of these men - Khadijah to Muhammad, Nene to Hideyoshi - were their first, most passionate, and largest supporters when few else believed in them.

What makes a man sexy? 50 Shades of Grey gives it's input...

On The Tiny Octopus

In my last post I presented my intent to dissect 50 shades of grey and what women love about it so much to reverse derive 'male sexuality'. The topic is so broad and I could write paragraphs on any one thing so for starters I will just dump out the quotes I've been saving and do a quick comment on each one. If anyone wants me to elaborate on any of these points I will do so but otherwise I will gloss over select ones on my own time.

Enough bantering - here is the list divided by chapter.


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