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"We don't get out of bed for less than $10,000 per day."

Hey Sebastian,

Just a quick thought. Your website has so many visitors, and I bet you could make a lot of money putting some ads on it. But I kind of admire that you don't. I understand people putting ads on their websites, because it is business and an easy way to make money can be quite nice. However, I can't help but feel that people not putting ads are more... how should I put it... I often view them as superior in an intangible sense. I'm struggling to grasp in which. Attitude, pride, standards, noble? Hmm.

With your websites and ads, I wondered why you don't put up any. You don't need the money? Or is it from some kind of internal stance, and you wouldn't put any in either way? By the way, reading your website feels, to me, nice independent of content cause no ads are there to annoy me. These days it seems you can't read many good blogs without drowning in ads.

My blog doesn't generate enough constant traffic to make me consider adding any, but... I wonder, would I? I don't know. It's like the pride matter, though not the same.

Ps. I liked your absurdity post

Just Got Your First Job? Here's What To Do With That Paycheck

On Tynan

Summer is just beginning, which means that in my family as well as many others, people are graduating college and preparing to enter the workforce. I just heard that one of my cousins got a job. My first reaction was to be excited for her, and then the second was to be a little bit nervous: the habits she builds in her first few months of receiving a paycheck are very likely to affect her entire life an an enormous way.

While the amount of money you earn is important, what you do with that money is far more important. There is no shortage of people who make hundreds of thousands or millions who end up bankrupt or severely in debt. It happens all the time. But at the same time there are plenty of people who earn very little money but spend it wisely and never have a financial worry in their lives.

Money trouble is a leading cause of divorce. It's can be a huge source of stress. Not having enough money restricts your freedom, making it impossible to change jobs or to move to a different city.

Most Americans don't have enough money to handle an unexpected $1000 expense. This is MOST Americans, not just those who don't make a lot of money. And almost everyone will eventually have a $1000 expense they aren't expecting. A car breaks, they miss a flight, they get injured, their water heater floods, they get into a car accident, or they lose their job.

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