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Stop Wasting People's Time and Start Setting Agendas

When I was first building out my new company with my business partner, we'd just hop on Skype and cover whatever. Now, before I call, I think about what the most important things are and make a list. If it's a very short chat, I send him the agenda in advance so he can fill in anything he needs to cover too.

Man, the difference between how much ground you can cover with an agenda, and how much you do talking about random topics is lightyears apart. So, so much more ground can be covered with an agenda.

You're not bound or shackled to it. Sometimes other things come up, and you roll with it. But having a general roadmap in front of you means if you start the call by swapping stories and realize 30 minutes have passed and you only have 30 minute, you burn fast to cover everything on the list.

When you get off an a tangent, it's very easy to come back around and say, "Okay, cool, so about the brochures..."

I've started doing it for my casual, social calls too. It might sound like it'd be stifling, but it's just the opposite. It's liberating. You know everything you could really enjoy and get a lot out of covering, and you also know when the call is over. Once you've covered everything on the agenda, you say, "Okay, cool, anything else interesting going on on your end?" If yes, you chat through that. If no, then it's goodbye.

Agendas, Always. Agendas, Immediately.

Agendas aren’t sexy, but they make you a better human.

Here is how to create one:

Before a call or meeting, you ask, “What do we want to accomplish on this call/meeting?”

You write it all down.

This becomes a set of points you use.

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