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The Absolute Biggest Mistake I've Made While Traveling

Leaving places where everything is right "just because."

I just arrived in Beijing. The air is cold and crisp, the pace is fast, people are wearing suits and carrying briefcases and the general vibe here is I'm on a mission.

I hate cold weather except in small doses, and I haven't spent more than two weeks in a cold-weather place during a cold time of the year since... I don't know when, it's been a long time. A few years.

I forgot how the cold makes people move fast, crisp, not dally, not lounge about... it's refreshing. I feel like I'm in New York a little before Christmastime, which (shitty cold weather aside) is one of my favorite times in one of my favorite places in the world.

But let's about traveling (and life) mistakes. The biggest mistake I've made, by far, is leaving a place where I'm very happy or productive or I've got a good workflow. Occasionally, everything is just right somewhere... and when everything is just right, I'd recommend you milk it for all it's worth.

The reasons for forgetting aren't really forgetting

Matt from 30Vanquish wrote that he's studied memory in the past and gotten quite a bit out of it, and he was kind enough to share some of his observations with us. Here's Matt -

So are you frustrated when you forget someone's phone number? Or when you forget one item to buy when you're at the grocery?

Well the reasons for forgetting aren't really forgetting.

It's more about interference.

The interference theory suggests that we are unable to remember memories, things, and events we encoded due to interference with other encoded memories, things, and events.

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