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Finish and Thus Don't Duplicate

Want to hear one of the strangest things I've found by time tracking?

Often, a really big and important task will only take 20 minutes of time to do when I sit down to get it done.

The thing is, it's not really 20 minutes. It's 20 minutes of action, after already spending three hours thinking about it over the course of a few days.

But it dawns on me - the hardest part of many hazy tasks is figuring out what to do. Almost any time we look at a hard task, our mind runs through the quick options and makes a decision.

A lot of times, we leave things alone if there's no great action to take. But, that means we're probably duplicating the thinking part of the effort many, many times.

Monsters of Mice - A Meditation / Ramble

On The Words of Focus Project

A few days ago, I was putting off writing a newsletter. I'd been putting it off for days.

Why? Because it was a huge, unclear, creative, hairy goal.

Until, one day, I promised myself that it would be done. And I did it. And it only took a few hours. And it wasn't that hard.

I'd created a monster in my head. A huge mountain of a task to scale when, in fact, this was something I had done hundreds of times before and could do again.

There was a hard part. The first 10 minutes. I had to go from off to writing, while surmounting the unknown structure and beginning to put words on paper.

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