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Newest Daily Time/Habit/Life Tracking

My newest tracking. Previously:

What Gets Measured, Gets Managed - why tracking is so effective

The Evolution of My Time/Habit/Life Tracking - how I started tracking, and some helpful guidelines on starting your tracking.

Here's my newest template, I'm bolding the changes:

------------------------------------------- START OF DAY ROUTINE: Time awake: Total sleep: Vitamin C and Fish oil: Stretching: Situps: Exercise (walk/run/other): Brush/floss: Listen to audio:Calories: Breathe: Borderlands: Calendar, anything interesting/time sensitive? What is my most key objective for the day? Planning:Gratitude: ------------------------------------------- REMEMBER: *Intelligent internet usage *Be decisive. Look at it once, make a decision, done. *Stop and reflect periodically*Make WAR on Procrastination ------------------------------------------- PEOPLE: Blog post: New People: Current people: Help someone: Consorting: Emails in box, start: Emails in box, finish (and - why they there?): ------------------------------------------- TIME TRACKING:

Weekly Review 2014.10.24

On LL Change Labs

1. How'd I do?

Friday Review: Hit it on Friday! Didn't get to it first thing today, but I had a stressful morning, so this is about as good as it gets. Didn't set an alarm at weigh-in because I didn't weigh-in until after I started writing this review.

Morning Routines: Hit every one, even this morning which was seriously time crunched, but I got through it anyway.

Evening Routines: Skipped it on a few nights, but holding to the bedtime much better. I am trying to decide whether this is exactly what I want -- some flexibility around this routine -- or whether I want it more ingrained. If I want to ingrain it I need to (a) commit, and (b) record it.

Tracking: I've been tracking my sleep well. I did my weight late this morning, which is fine due to the nature of the morning mentioned earlier. Would love to get bank account balance in there.

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