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Tighten The Straps On Your Helmet

Want some crazy gains? Block out a single time for your most important activities, do the core activity and that alone during that time, never miss a day, and refuse to be outworked in that timeframe. 

Battling off procrastination and really focusing is hard enough.

But success can be even sneakier in a way. The next time you get a run of much-bigger-than-usual wins in a row, you might be surprised at your own reaction.

You'll likely get a burst of adrenalin and positive euphoric hormones... followed by a crash.

Bank on it. Count on it. Plan for it.

Internal Scorecard #17: Operations and Organization

INTERNAL SCORECARD #17: Operations and Organization

I write up these "Internal Scorecards" to look at production, productivity, habits. Some people like this, because you see the implications of long-term decisions unfolding in a real-world context. I like it because it gives me an accountability mechanism as well.

This one is a two-weeks-long edition. I've been too busy doing stuff to report on the stuff I'm doing! It covers 22 September to 5 October.


It's very easy to geek out on organization and productivity techniques at the expense of doing actual work. You probably don't want to do that.

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