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The Farmington Canyon Story, where the moral is to slow down and wear your seatbelt

Farmington Canyon, Utah, around 10 years ago.

One of the first semi-serious girlfriends I ever had - let's call her Alice - had a really wonderful family, and we all got along famously.

They were work-hard, play-hard, really good people. They were Catholic, and there's sort of a Catholic solidarity in Utah, especially out in the suburbs.

Utah is overwhelmingly of the Mormon religion, and most non-Mormons feel stifled by it.

Now, as I get older, I come to appreciate the Mormon religion more. They're big believers in family, self-discipline, good habits, service, hard work and lots of reflection. But some of the rules are rather stifling to non-Mormons - no drinking, no smoking, no caffeine, no R-rated movies. Also, they're incredibly warm and friendly people, but at least in Utah, there's an undercurrent of being wary about associating too closely with non-Mormons outside of trying to convert them.

The Three R's - and how they've changed

On Kicking Thoughts

In my mid 20's, I attended a Police Academy. One of the most obnoxious Training Officers we had would go on and on about this concept he picked up somewhere (presumably the military):

The Three R's

I don't remember that mans name, but I remember the Three R's. They're like the game of Checkers: Complex in their simplicity.

Over the years, any time I found myself in hot water, I could trace back the source to one of those danged "3 R's".

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