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Evil? Maybe It's Just Fear + Expediency

The majority of "evil" -- or just nastiness -- I think is less due to malice, hate, or cruelty.

I think the majority of bad things people do happen because they're (1) afraid, and (2) they take the expedient course.

Fear is a mess, of course. Scared people do all kinds of idiot moves.

(Which isn't to say that fear is irrational. Maybe the fear is justified. But scared people do stupid and crazy things.)

But fear... fear is probably okay, even. If you work through it. If you understand it. If you take time and work at it.

"The New Rules For Sales" -- When Features and Benefits Don't Get It Done

On Machiavelli

Alan Mayer is a veteran salesman and sales trainer. With over two decades of experience, he's able to deliver results quickly and has powerful mental models for understanding sales. Most interestingly, he now has a speciality in how introverts can leverage their natural skills to even be better salespeople than extroverts!

He's running a class for GiveGetWin on November 28th on how to create instant rapport by matching your language to the prospective client or customer. Extremely powerful stuff. Enjoy this interview, and then get over to GiveGetWin to scoop this deal up if your job or role involves any selling or interpersonal skills.

"The New Rules For Sales" -- When Features and Benefits Don't Get It Done

Sales wisdom from Alan Mayer, as told to Chiara Cokieng

I am a sales trainer. But first and foremost, I'm the person in sales for over 20 years now. I started very young during university selling bulldozers and excavators -- heavy equipment. My whole career, I leaned towards sales.

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