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When Burning The Midnight Oil

Question from a reader --

"I have a project that needs to be done in 5 days. I've made solid progress on it.. but definitely will need to deathmarch / burn the midnight oil as you call it to get it done.

I still need to finish content creation, create videos, and upload them to the site. As with any project.. it's hard to say "I'm Done".. though I know shipping is necessary.

Any recommendations?

On my wall I have these reminders

It's not the lack of a degree that's making you underpaid...

Thanks, C. Dense email here, lots of things going on. A few thoughts --

1. You're not underpaid because you don't have a degree; you're underpaid because you've either (1) been unable to show others tangibly your ability to perform highly, (2) don't have the relevant contacts, connections, and/or hustle to look for a higher paid position (which is much easier with connections, but connections can be replaced with just hustling more, which generates connections), and/or (3) you're not good at negotiating.

I won't take one of those extreme positions and say degrees don't matter; they do. But companies don't care about their people's credentials anywhere near as much as they care about results. Even if 90% of companies in the particular space you wanted to work were very credential focused (and in programming, it's much lower than that at the best companies to work), you'd still be able to get a great position by just contacting enough people. 

So, ask yourself: how's your Github look? Do you write publicly? Do you have documented work you did a good job on? Do you regularly go out and meet people, and talk about the space you work in? Those are what get you paid more highly, not a piece of paper.

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