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What's reading yourself getting quoted like? Strange. Very strange.

Jason Shen quoted me on his website -

"As soon as they put their hands on you… (quote)"

I’ve got some sets of names I’d name my sons as they’re born. They’re unconventional names – Cosimo Marshall or Aurelius Marshall if the boy’s mother was Italian, Zhuge Marshall if he was Chinese. The boy will likely get teased.

That’s fine, tease back.

But son, as soon as someone puts their hands on you, they’ve crossed a line. Fuck them up. It’s the only thing these vicious freaks understand. They’re wild animals. They make violence on you, you need to show them that you’re the stronger, bigger animal. When someone attacks you maliciously for no reason, you need to impose your will on them. -Sebastian Marshall – Blogger, Strategist

Buy and sell for the week

On Herald Hippo

Soo...new category here. What do people nowadays sell? Interesting question.

therefore I decided to make a top 5 objects that people sell online. It will be a weekly top so maybe if you live in the CZ you can search for the object that will make you happy:

1. Adidas shoes, brand new, NO LACES. How can one sell shoes missing one of the most important component? Not to mention that in the picture they DO have them. Seems that nobody found it weird enough to ask..

2. Electric depilator (body hair remover). Used several times. Where the hell is the sanitary police?! Would you buy it?

3.Book: "Etiquette for men. A book of modern manners and customs. Dances, dinners, weddings and other special occasions." Looks a bit old, so I wonder if they have the chapter on: how to stay for 1 hour minimum in the bathroom, use more products for skin and hair than your girlfriend, and beg her to tell you that you look sleek :). Just kidding..or not? :)

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