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The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman - Worth Reading

Quick verdict - it's a good book, and I think it's worth reading.

Josh Kaufman sent me a message on Twitter a bit back, asking if I'd like a review copy of his book. Indeed, I would, I replied, and he sent me a digital copy.

Before I review the book, let me tell you how I read - when I get a nonfiction book that I'm not sure if I'm going to read, I "fastread" it. That's me starting to skim and move quickly, then I slow down and read in depth when something catches my eye, and speed up after I finish that section.

I fastread a lot of books. Especially reading a in-depth reference book on a topic you already know, I think you can get 90% of the lessons of a book in 30% of the time by fastreading. I typically fastread historical backgrounds about eras I'm very familiar with, thoughts on an aspect of business I know, introductions to technologies I'm already familiar with, etc.

My first thought when I was reading The Personal MBA was that this would be a good book to fastread.

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On Rafael Guerra

So I wrote an apocalyptic science fiction novel last year and self-published it. I had never written anything before but always wanted to do it. Of course, I did not expect it to sell I just wanted to get my stories out and get better as I kept writing. I did get a few people to read it, and for the most part, they liked it but some pointed out some grammatical and style errors which I knew the book would have as I edited the book and I have no writing or editing experience.

So after a year I have hardly promoted the book so not too many have read it. I had been thinking of starting a blog to post my self-published novel and other novels I am working on but always never made time. I finally decided to do it so this is where I stand.

I will be posting pages from my book in the blog and writing other short stories and when I’m done with the second part of my novel. I will post those chapters as well.

Furthermore, I love to cook and I will post some of my favorite recipes, but for the most part, the blog will be about my writing.

Here is a review that I got. The book is called Chloros

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