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The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman - Worth Reading

Quick verdict - it's a good book, and I think it's worth reading.

Josh Kaufman sent me a message on Twitter a bit back, asking if I'd like a review copy of his book. Indeed, I would, I replied, and he sent me a digital copy.

Before I review the book, let me tell you how I read - when I get a nonfiction book that I'm not sure if I'm going to read, I "fastread" it. That's me starting to skim and move quickly, then I slow down and read in depth when something catches my eye, and speed up after I finish that section.

I fastread a lot of books. Especially reading a in-depth reference book on a topic you already know, I think you can get 90% of the lessons of a book in 30% of the time by fastreading. I typically fastread historical backgrounds about eras I'm very familiar with, thoughts on an aspect of business I know, introductions to technologies I'm already familiar with, etc.

My first thought when I was reading The Personal MBA was that this would be a good book to fastread.

Back In The Fight

On The Slippery Kangaroo

I recently started reading Back In The Fight by Sergeant First Class Joseph Kapacziewski (Kapa-chess-ski) and Charles W Sasser. The story follows Kapacziewski as he goes through Army Ranger training shortly after 9/11 and his experience fighting in the war.

Before I go on, I want you to know that I don't usually read the synopsis of a book, I like to go in not knowing what to expect. I did notice that the guy on the cover of the book had a prosthetic leg, but that was ALL I knew. I didn't know how he got it (fighting I supposed) or when, or what he meant by "back in the fight."

After reading the first few pages (taking place in Afghanistan 2009) I felt that Kapacziewski was very inspiring (as most military men/women are in my opinion). That first chapter is only six pages, and the last line makes you realize how amazing Kapacziewski really is and why his story is worth telling.

SFC Kapacziewski started basic training a week after the attack on the twin towers. Prior to 9/11 most enlisted soldiers were unlikely to actually see combat, this is the mindset SFC Kapacziewski had when he enlisted. That being said he wanted to go to war, he wanted to fight, in his mind he had entered the army at the perfect time.

In 2005 SFC Kapacziewski shattered his right leg below the knee after a grenade fell into his Stryker vehicle.

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