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Good intentions not required

Y'know, everyone thinks they have good intentions. Have you ever met anyone who said, "I'm here to break stuff and screw the world up"? No, of course not.

I'm thinking you don't actually need good intentions to do good works. Actually, good intentions by themselves don't seem to accomplish much of anything.

Here's the top three virtues I'd look for in someone to actually achieve good things.

Strength is the virtue that's required for all other virtues. If you're not internally strong, you get easily swayed by opinions, social pressure, culture, and things like that. It's hard to hold on to virtues if you're not strong when you're in the crowd.

The 3 Keys to Success: What You Need To Know To Be More Successfull

On The Mighty You

Over the last few days I read (and participated in) a very interesting discussion on what qualities were necessary for success. There was talk of several, among them: attitude, perseverance, patience, humility, etc. I agree in principle that all of these virtues can be part of someone's of success and they can even facilitate the work of achieving it, however, I think we can delve deeper and go straight to the essence of what it takes to have all the success you want. First, let's define what is the success, according to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language: Success. (From lat. exĭtus outlet).

I like this definition, but I think it falls a little short because the focus is directed to business. I think we should include the results over the course of one's personal life. Also, I believe that each one should define exactly what it means to be "successful" for them. It is likely that what I would regard as success, you might not or vice versa. What's more, someone could be successful in their business but be a failure in their personal life. How many times have we seen someone famous that seems to have "have it all" professionally, then their personal life is a disaster? Once again, here we would have to see how to measure "disaster". What do you consider being a disaster? And if they don't consider themselves a disaster, are they? Well, one of the participants of the discussion considers that there are three main virtues necessary for success: attitude, patience and humility. We should first define each one of them to see how to fit them into the definition of success : Attitude. (From lat. * Actitūdo).

I love the part "moods expressed in some way" and fits perfectly with my perception of what "attitude" is. How does it fit into your vision? Patience. (From lat. patientĭa).

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