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Cathay Pacific Management: Den of Lies, Abuse, and Threats

Two days ago, I researched all the lawyers and organizations in HK, looking for the best ones.

Yesterday, I retained top legal counsel (I paid 15,000 HKD for a 3 hour meeting. Ouch.)

Immediately after that, I scheduled a meeting with Senior Inspector Lai, and I filed a police report, which is published in full in the article, "Fight Corporate Violence: Marshall vs. Cathay Pacific Management."

I explained my position in, "To The People of Hong Kong: On Virtue, Authority, and Terror."

Today I contacted all the relevant trade unions that represent Cathay Pacific staff. I also reached out to numerous journalists, and I've been looking for the best contact info for Hong Kong Police. (There's multiple associations, but is there a definitive organization that protects on-duty officers? Is there a particular member of the HK Police I can contact to report officers being fraudulently put in harms' way?)

This coming Sunday, Lecture #3 + Roundtable; Also, are you in Shanghai?

Details, details, details --

Lecture on Strategy #3: This coming Sunday, 25th March, we'll have our next Lecture on Strategy. This week will most likely be on the different money strategies and styles people employ throughout their lives. It should be a fascinating talk for identifying your own strong and weak points, and the people you would work with.

Note the location will be in the same neighborhood (Shuangjing on Line 10) but we'll be at a different building than the last two weeks. Email sebastian --at-- sebastianmarshall.com to RSVP and for details.

New this week: Roundtable. I'm going to lead a focused roundtable each week for people who attend. We won't film this, but I want to get a discussion going after each talk about, EG, goal-setting, financial planning, spurring creativity, getting more good people in your life, etc. I or one of the other attendees/guests will be leading a roundtable each week immediately following a talk if circumstances permit. This week, we'll do it and it should be good. So, if you've been waiting, come out this week.

If you're in Shanghai or know some awesome people who are, please email me. I've got some errands and connections to make in Shanghai sometime in the next few weeks, and I'd love to have some people to connect with there.

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