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How much do people make their own decisions?

I commented on an article at New Scientist a bit back called, "You say sin, I say disease" -

Here's my comment -

More and more, I'm starting to come to the awful conclusion that most people have very little control over how their lives go. They maybe have a few key decision points in their life - but maybe not all that many.

And the rest is autopilot. They watch some subset of the new movies, new TV programs, websites they stumble across. They eat whatever's more or less served near them and eaten by people they associate with. They pick the political party that matches their friends and relatives, or no party, or maybe they pick up a book that has an emotional impact on them and swear loyalty to that. Maybe.

I hate this idea, because it seems to subtly advocate for totalitarianism, which I've been against my whole life. But then there's nagging voice that says, "well, just ban all the food that's unhealthy, and people will eat better..." - but we know where that road leads.

Cut From Another Cookie

On Cameron Chardukian

Humans have approximately 99.9% identical DNA, yet for some reason everyone seems to think they’re “cut from another cookie.”

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