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Becoming a Person Who Helps People

Question from a reader -

Hi Sebastian, a question. I'd like to know how you came to be so... gracious. I've noticed that not only do you preach for others to spread gratitude, but you really do go over-the-top with it. It's a bit unbelieveable at times. But I have a good friend who is always very glad to see me (and everyone else). We aren't close anymore, but I always feel we are. I get the feeling you're similarly genuine. How did that come to be? Have you always been that way? I've been trying to be more thankful, but I don't want it to come off as meaningless as a forced plastic smile.

Well, first, that email totally made my day. Thank you.

Before I answer, I've got to pose a hypothetical question to you. Trust me, it's relevant:

Do you think it's more virtuous to do $5,000 worth of good for someone and get $0 in return, or to do $10,000 worth of good for someone and get $2,000 in return?

I did not fail this year...

On On Reading and Living

If you ask my top 3 most significant achievements, I will not hesitate to answer:

For three years in college, I cruised along 1.2-1.45. The next semester, my general weighted average fell below the required grade of 1.45.

All of grade school and high school, I've always been officially the "best in math" my batch. Then one summer, I'm thrust into a group of students where I'm the oldest. Also the only one who doesn't know Trigonometry.

I've always been thin. Until I got fat.

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