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Factions, Negotiation, and Diplomacy

The year is 204 B.C., and Publius Cornelius Scipio stands, blade and standard in hand, over now-conquered Utica. The numerically superior forces of Hasdrubal and Syphax almost completely annihilated in a nighttime assault by the Romans, and the Carthaginian field forces were entirely out of commission in Northern Africa.

The Carthaginian Empire is the verge of ruin, with Scipio's forces clear to take the capital -

And lo! Envoys appear.

Not just any envoys, but 30 Members of Carthage's Council of Elders, the highest and most respected spokesmen for the state.

Read through: Raising Steam (Terry Pratchett) 2

On Books In Progress

Some more pages read. Now the two distinct plots - the railway and the dwarves - has come together, setting the last third (two acts?) of the book up nicely.

Nice oblique reference to Cohen the Barbarian that would be missed if you hadn't read Interesting Times. I did think the second mention of Rincewind felt a little gratuitous though - perhaps one of these was supposed to be amended or removed during editing? I'd have kept the train one.

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