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Another Question For You, Dear Reader

What have your favorite posts been on here? Why? What's been most useful to you?

I got a really nice mix of opinions yesterday (though there seems to a strong undercurrent on history, practical interventions, and maybe some more "narratives" instead of abstract pieces) -- now I'd really like to hear about your favorite pieces from the past, either series or specifically.

I'm going to go back and select a number of pieces that were pretty good and edit them to be something coherent and better. I really want to step my quality level up and do really great by you. This blog has long been a source of inspiration and a great way to connect with people, but I want to take it to the next level and really deliver stuff that's outstanding on all fronts.

All feedback super appreciated. Especially doubly true if you're on email and don't normally comment; the opinions of people who regularly obviously matter a lot to me, but if you're normally quiet -- your opinion matters to me too and I'd love to hear it.

So... What have your favorite posts been on here? Why? What's been most useful to you?

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On Tynan

Thank You

Okay, first of all, THANK YOU for reading Tynan.net. My impulse in every post I write is to express my gratitude to you as a reader, but I don't because I think it would become annoying and probably not seem as genuine is it really is. So here's my yearly thank you.

Whether you've just started reading, you subscribe to every different feed I have, or even if you're one of the very few people who only write nasty comments, I'm really glad to have you as a reader. It's easy to get caught up in subscriber numbers and pageviews and all that, but I never forget that each number represents a real person who cares enough about what I have to say to take time out of their days and visit. I'm flattered and humbled to have every single person read. Thank you.

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