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Don't underestimate biochemistry!

If you know a guy who is a really decent, nice guy, but is a real jerk when he's drunk... and you come across him at some annual party, and he's drunk, and being a jerk... then what do you think about him?

Do you think, "He's a really jerk"?

No, of course not.

You think, "Ah, it's just the liquor."

We all know that alcohol and intoxicants change your biochemistry, how you act, and your personality. And we cut people a bit of slack for acting differently than normal on those sorts of things.

Gaming Beverages: Reed's Extra Ginger Brew (Soda)

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While this isn't an article to advocate good or bad eating habits; it's all up to you to choose how to live, some might consider Reed's to be a slightly better alternative to mainstream Sodas, because it's caffeine free. But, I'm not trying to point to any health benefits. I'm just trying to write a fun article about other things to eat and drink while gaming, and Reed's is some darn yummy stuff.

It's Ginger-Ale on steroids. It has a potent kick to it and may take some getting used to. Ginger beer can taste dramatically different from manufacturer to manufacturer, but it's basically a much stronger Ginger content than Ginger-Ale. Ginger-Ale will taste watered-down after having certain kinds of Ginger Beer. It's non-alcoholic soda, like Root Beer.

Someday I want to move up to and try Blenheim's hot, which is considered to be a euphoric experience.

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