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24 Hours of Training Per Day

"Everything is training."

I sat on the floor in Chiba with Marcus and Rob, both expert martial-artists, biomechanists, and entrepreneurs.

Most people don't and can't understand why you'd analyze, re-engineer, and repeat doing a small action over and over again to make it slightly better. But these guys got it. "Everything is training," as Rob says.

And it strikes me that there's the core things you're trying to achieve, the skill and habit-building that gets you there, and that two are very harmonious. In terms of producing more, the best training is often immediately applying what you've learned in an attempt to produce.

What is the rest of life, then, except the time that facilitates doing what's most important to us?

You are Full of Shit about Food and here's why

On The Best of Sett

I am an experimentalist. If you can prove 2 things to me, then I'll try it at least for a couple of weeks. Does this have a potentially great benefit? Will it kill me? If the answer is Yes and No, then let's get it on.

There is quite a lot of arrogance in the scientific community as I imagine it has always been this way in history. The only thing that has been proven is that every scientist in the past has virtually been wrong. They may have been close in approximation, but always wrong.

Galileo's persecution of finding out that the universe did not revolve around us is a classic case used. If we look today who gets persecuted in challenging the status quo, we have political revolutionists (Assange, Snowden, etc), dietary & medical revolutionists (Mark Sisson, Dave Asprey, Douglas Graham, etc), and physics & reality revolutionists (Richard Feynman, Rick Strassman, etc).

The case I am making is experimentation is the very heart of discovery. However, our society demonizes it. One area I have very intimate experience is with diets. I never had even one supporter for anything I was trying, and I also had to deal with extremely difficult social situations because of it. Nonetheless, here are some key lessons from being my own guinea pig.

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