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The Fleetingness of Motivation

In the comments of "Two Videos on How to Do Time Tracking," I got this question from Rohan -

Hi Seb, i too am doing this kind of life tracking but i am not able to do it consistently, a week or max 10 days n then i leave it for weeks...also i dont feel the same energy, for the task that i marked as 'To Do Tommorrow',as i felt when i wrote it! It happens esp on my off days.Its not that i m not disciplined or lack willpower but still.. i read tons of self help books but the motivation doesn't last long.. what shall i do Also what do u think is the real purpose of our life, i want to live a life like no one ever(just diff, simple and worth a life) but i feel like one among the herd! Same things! why am i born?

Okay, so there's two basic questions here.

1. I start off motivated, but then my motivation/program falls off over time. How do I overcome that?

2. What's the meaning of life?

Improving Your Mornings

On Huan M. Nguyen

One important thing: don't waste the mornings on the minutiae.

Seriously. Do the heavy thinking in the morning, when your willpower and your reserves are fresh and sufficient to push through heavy blocks.

Don't waste the morning surfing on the internet, don't waste it doing things that are light on thinking.

I used to, until I realized what I was doing. I'd get up, clean, work out, take care of emails, and then feel like I got a lot done. Then, later in the day, I'd laze off because I felt like I'd done enough that day from the morning, and would get absolutely zero meaningful work done.

Do the high-focus stuff first. When your willpower and motivation start flagging later in the day, cleaning and taking care of the mundane chores isn't as much of a drag as trying to do academic or creative work.

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