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Good Documentary on Sun Tzu

Way back when the blog was in the 40 to 80 readers per day range, I posted a very short entry called "Sun Tzu says – Make It Look Easy." That entry has been the gift that keeps on giving - I get emails, comments, references from other people interested in The Art of War. I've turned some of the notable comments into their own top level blog posts, like in "Two Good Replies from Readers – on The Equal-Odds Rule and Sun Tzu/Warfare" where I got some absolutely brilliant commentary.

And it doesn't end! People love the book, and that small entry keeps generating discussion. Now, Sami Baqai was kind enough to send me a link to a really excellent documentary on Sun Tzu and analyzing some American military conflicts from that perspective. It covers elements of the Vietnam war including spies, morale, logistics, and choosing the time of battle. It includes the Allies' deception and maneuvers and desperate fighting to land at Normandy, fight out of the hedge rows, and invade Continental Europe to smash the Axis. And it looks at the fall of the Confederacy and the Battle of Gettysburg.

Awesome documentary, really informative, high production quality, made by the history channel. I was going to watch just 5-10 minutes of it to see if I should add it to my "to watch" list yesterday, but it was so good I just watched the whole thing. Highly recommended - thanks for the link Sami.

Here's the first part:

Great Comment - "Reacting to an emotional event with blatant disregard for said training is similar to not having had training at all"

I'm not shy to stay this - this site has already been blessed with some of the smartest comments and people I've seen online.

The internet is powerful, but much of it is a vast space of short term distraction and time wasting. Even most of the stuff that tries to be serious is poorly thought emotional suckage. For instance, one of the most prolific people writing on "economics" online is a partisan hack who solely uses emotional language and doesn't actually do any real economics, experimenting, modeling, math, or statistics ever. Or at least, hasn't in two decades.

I built this site partially to rebel against the vast sea of distraction and emotional-based suckage. Where do strong, smart, ambitious, virtuous, pragmatic people hang out online? There aren't too many places. So I wanted to build one.

And there have been fruits to this! Already, there's been a number of smart comments. Some hundreds of people come and read each day, a number in the low thousands if you include RSS. And when excellent comments are made, I'm really honored to feature them as their own posts so they get the attention they deserve.

This comment on "A Realization About Japanese and American Superheroes" is brilliant -

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