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Starting Reading On Strategy

Hey Sebastian,

My name's J - I'm 22, a senior in college, and the founder/co-founder of 2 different startups. I have been reading a lot about strategy and history as of late, and been a reader of your blog for several months now.

I wanted to know - what would you say the top 3 most influential books are that you've read on strategy? What books have allowed you to reach the position you are currently in? Any suggestions would be appreciated (especially ones that you didn't suggest in your recent email to your mailing list - I'm working through those!).

Principles by Ray Dalio (free online, that's #1) Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa (not strategy, but necessary for your personal development to become more strategic)


A Long Expected Blog Post

On Matt's Reality

Writer's Block. It's a truly terrible affliction. The last post I made was around five months ago, so I suppose it's about time to write something. But do know I haven't been completely worthless in these post-deprived months, I've been too busy writing a novel to make a quality post.

That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

I can no longer guarantee weekly posts—but I can guarantee the coming of an unrelentingly unusual novel to be released sometime within a year most likely. It's impossible to predict the exact release date, but do expect it in the near future.

I was quick to assign this novel to the science-fiction category, but now I'm not entirely sure if that is the proper genre. Tied to science fiction is the connotation of starships, aliens, lasers, and the like, which does not relate to my novel in any way, hence my hesitation to say forthright that I am writing a science-fiction novel. But technically speaking, the book is mainly comprised of both science and fiction, while trying my best not to break physical and scientific laws. My priority first and foremost is to make an unprecedented situation as believable as possible.

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