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When Burning The Midnight Oil

Question from a reader --

"I have a project that needs to be done in 5 days. I've made solid progress on it.. but definitely will need to deathmarch / burn the midnight oil as you call it to get it done.

I still need to finish content creation, create videos, and upload them to the site. As with any project.. it's hard to say "I'm Done".. though I know shipping is necessary.

Any recommendations?

On my wall I have these reminders

Learn to Code

On Imported Blog

Let's talk about programming. Everyone says you need it these days. Even I do. But, how should you learn to code? Codecademy, KhanAcademy, or other pseudo-learning techniques? Maybe a book, like Learn Code The Hard Way. What language should you learn, and what software should you code in? The questions are endless!

I'm here to give you a solution for you (and myself). Here's an 8-step guide for learning to code.

Everyone knows that goals are pointless if they're not specific. If you don't define your success, you're just flailing around randomly. Therefore, have something you want to build.

Think of coding like woodworking. You want to learn how to manipulate wood to make beautiful objects. Would you start hacking away randomly? No. Then why would you do that with code?

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