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If you have too many goals you're not doing, read this

Got an email from a reader who has about 30 goals. They're all good. But he's wondering how he can do them all. My reply:

Okay. Feedback.

So, your goal - anyone's goal - is basically to get the most success you can as quickly as you can in the way most suitable/enjoyable to you, right?

I ask because that's pretty obvious, you probably want to do that. But you've got a lot of goals, and some of them are quite big and significant.

What I've found is trying to change 10 things at once - and have big changes that'll take years to complete - is not the the best way to get the most success as quickly as possible in the most suitable/enjoyable way.

Day #0.5 -- An Overview

On 100 Day Renaissance

So I have been thinking a lot about how to put structure to my 100 day challenge. I have decided that, out of the 100 days, i will spend 3 days reflecting and planning. Here is what I am planning:

Day 1: Set the framework and the areas of interest

Day 2: Set tangible, falsifiable goals

Day 3: Set a Daily and Weekly schedule to make and measure progress and commitment

Day 4: Get starting

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