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If luck doesn't exist, then should we give way to fatalism?

First thing I gotta say is - wow, I appreciate all the people coming and visiting, commenting, sending an email. I've gotten 718 visits since I installed Google Analytics a few days ago, average time on site 2:36. That's over 31 hours of people's lives they're coming to share ideas with me, read what I write. Wow, that's so humbling. It might even be higher than that with people reading on RSS or instapaper. So, very big thanks to the people that are reading, commenting, and letting their friends know about the site. It's quite an honor to take off so fast.

A very pleasant surprise for me has been (1) I'm getting some pretty insightful comments already, and (2) no stupid/rude/idiotic comments. Is the internet evolving or do I just have an awesome crowd here? Both, maybe?

One such discussion is with Alessandro Orsi, who has kindly made some very thoughtful comments/discussion on Luck Doesn't Exist.

We talked back and forth about cause and effect a little bit, and then he made this comment most recently:

I see your point. You look at generations/human race and consider a new born as a ring in a long chain. So when people say bad luck, you say “There’s no bad luck, just previous actions that lead to present situation”. And that’s fine. Like a political analysis of the People of the World.

How to Flirt -- Tips to Attract Women

On Todd Valentine Seduction

What’s up? Todd Valentine here, and today I’ll be covering How to Flirt.

For a while I wrestled with this topic and how to present it, because naturally you all know what flirting is, when you’re feeling it, and when you’re doing it (especially when you’ve been in the game as long as I have been, and flirting becomes second nature). However, the concept of flirting is actually very hard to define.

So, the first thing I did was the old-school method of pulling out the dictionary to see how it defines flirting. Here’s what I found:

Flirt (verb): to court triflingly or act amorously without serious intentions

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