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Sleeping Less Than Eight Hours Per Night?

Got a good question from a reader about sleep. One of my goals is to sleep less than 8 hours/night

Hello, and thanks for inviting your blog visitors to email you directly. I just came across your site today, and got some good reading out of your "top stories" list. What compelled me to write, though, was a trend I noticed on some of your "goals" posts: sleeping less than 8 hours per night.

It caught my attention, because at first glance it looks counter-intuitive. Yet I understand exactly what you mean.

Cut. Return to monologue later. Get to the askin':

How is it working out for you?

Combat and Operational Stress Control: Sleep Deprivation

I was doing some research on sleep discipline -- consistently sleeping enough, at good times, and in circumstances where doing so isn't easy.

And I came across this gem published by the U.S. Army:


Generally speaking, you get better right-to-the-point information from practical military manuals than almost any other source. There's less tolerance for superstition, identity-driven agendas, or long or excessively clever narratives.

It also puts things in proper context, like this:

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