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My Nutrition

A reader asked me to share some about my nutrition. Here we go -

I don't consume at all: *Alcohol *Recreational drugs *Tobacco in any form *Mammals *Sweets

I think cutting bad stuff out goes a long way towards doing things correctly.

I quit drinking in 2006... basically, I reckon the downsides from liquor aren't worth the upsides. Now about this, I get asked sometimes, "Is it awkward to go to a bar?" For the first six months it was. Now, it's not. I get a club soda and have no problems.

Likewise, I quit pretty much all recreational drugs at the same time in '06, depending on how you define it. I've gone back and forth with caffeine over the years - originally I quit caffeine in '06, but I saw some good research on metabolic advantages from caffeine. I do take vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium, and fish oil. Beyond that, I'll take anti-inflammatories like acetametaphin or ibuproifen (the active ingrediants in Tylenol and Advil) if I've got inflammation from training or I'm ill. I'd be open at some point to trying nootrophics under the guidance of a physician, but I've been picking up low hanging health fruit first. Human Growth Hormone also looks promising, and I'd consider synthetic testosterone if I needed it to keep my testosterone levels up later. But all these are for health/longevity purposes, not for pleasure, with the possible exception of caffeine. I go back and forth on caffeine, maybe I'll quit it someday. For now, it's not an issue for me.



I'm not going to lie, I don't eat a lot of fruits or vegetables.  And also don't drink any water.  I mostly eat chicken and steak, and I only drink coffee and beer.I don't even know why I said "mostly", because that is almost all I eat, except at work I substitute beer with coffee.  Over the years I have personally experimented with eggs, tuna, and chicken as my main protein source, and I can tell you unequivocally that "CHICKEN IS NATURE'S STEROID"I can eat chicken all day long and I hardly gain a pound.  Of course I am taking about plain chicken that I bake with nothing on it, not chicken from Mcdonalds or KFC,  and definitely not chicken from a greasy lunch spot.Pure, plain, chicken.Recently I have been buying a 6 pack of chicken thighs for about $5, and I can make about 3 meals out if it.I baked my own chicken for years, but over the last 2 years I just got so tired of eating it that I took a break.And do you know what? There is NO substitution!!!I didn't get as cut when I switched to eggs, steak, or tuna. Eggs always make me gain some weight, so I only use them in the winter.  Tuna is pretty good, but it is hard to eat for every single meal.Steak is a good option, but if I eat too large of a portion I always gain some weight.Chicken NEVER has any negative effects on me.  It's inexpensive, and it is easy for me to measure out the exact portion that I eating, since the thighs are almost all the same size.So try it! 

 Bake 2 chicken thighs for lunch and dinner, and throw in some disgusting veggies as a filler.  That's pretty much my diet, and I have used that almost every summer to get ripped

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