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Strategist Dictum 1: Do Things For Reasons

Strategist Dictum 1: Do things for reasons.

So, what is this is absurd strategist nonsense I'm always going on about?

Good question.

Reflecting today on the nature of the world, I believe I have come to the core tenet of strategy. The one from which all other tenets flow, the quintessential, alpha-omega principle of strategy, which is -

Do things for reasons.

My Departure from Fitocracy's Day-To-Day Role

On Musings of a Dick

"Love ya, brah," I said hugging Brian as we stepped out of our interview with Bloomberg TV.

This was arguably the coolest coverage we've been fortunate enough to do as founders, and yet this wasn't without a tinge of sadness.

That's because this might be the last time that we appear in the media together.

I made the decision to withdraw from my daily role at Fitocracy. Effective immediately I will no longer be an employee of the company that I started three years ago with my college best friend.

I started off as Fitocracy's CTO (we're all glad that phase is over) with a limited understanding of fitness (I'd only coached half a dozen clients) and zero understanding of the fitness space. Since then, I moved into the role of Chief Growth Officer where I oversaw analytics and helped forge a number of partnerships including one with the Great Oak himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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