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Strategist Dictum 1: Do Things For Reasons

Strategist Dictum 1: Do things for reasons.

So, what is this is absurd strategist nonsense I'm always going on about?

Good question.

Reflecting today on the nature of the world, I believe I have come to the core tenet of strategy. The one from which all other tenets flow, the quintessential, alpha-omega principle of strategy, which is -

Do things for reasons.

On Paying To Skip Time-Sinks In Building Or Management Games

On StratX

Any management game is a tad tricky in conjunction with a Free-To-Play model, but management games aren't new, by a long shot.

There have always been management games through the yearswhere the time-to-build wasn't universally desired to be "skipped", because it was, perhaps, more integral to that genre; at least in a single-player world.

It can also get a bit fuzzy, I think, as to what is perceived to be skippable time-sinks vs. what someone doesn't mind waiting for.

Almost always, if I see a game with a straight-forward, passive pay-not-to-wait mechanic, I wait.

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