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This is stupid. Get on a plane.

From an old friend. Very effective guy -


If there's anything I can do to help -- websites, marketing, design, tech are all areas of expertise, among others -- just let me know.

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Meeting Mel Gibson

On Tynan

I know that you think your other blogs love you like I do, but seriously - who brings you stories like this besides me?

Evan and I were hanging out at my place last night. The neighbors were having a party, as they often do, and we could hear it in my room. For some reason I can never hear the blaring music, but it sounds as though the "clip clop" of the hot girls' stilletos are in my place.

I normally don't really like parties, but my neighbor has transformed his condo into a high end club, complete with hot tub on the roof and large granite bar. He always has at least two girls to every guy, and the girls are always pretty. It's tough not to like that party.

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