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Tokugawa's Generals, and Being a Great Follower

Good questions from a reader -

There are some questions I want to ask you about the shogun era.

Why didn't the generals around Tokugawa Ieyasu aim for more power?

What were their end game?

Gayjing in Beijing

On The Constance Chronicles

Note: The only reason why I titled this Gayjing in Beijing is because while we were in China a lady second guessed if she was in the right bathroom when she saw me coming out.

A few years ago Melissa celebrated the Lunar New Year with some friends in Shanghai so when the New Year was creeping around the corner she felt it was her moral duty to share that experience with me. We bought our tickets to Beijing and that was that. As long as you have the internet and some cash in your bank, purchasing flight tickets is quite simple. Now, establishing a visa to enter China as an American living and teaching in Korea, a very different tale.

Melissa described the Lunar New Year celebration as “amazing.” It was amazing but if I had to pick one word it would be “terrifying.” Two words: Amazingly terrifying. We arrived Lunar New Year’s Eve so naturally everything was closed (even though the internet promised everything would be open). We wondered through the hutongs (Chinese courtyards) and ate some food. Throughout the entire day citizens (is it racist that I want to call Chinese people citizens?) were popping firecrackers. The night came and we were pretty exhausted. Showered and in bed we started to doze off. Then North Korea decided to turn on their allies and sent over their one shitty, but adequate enough nuclear missile. It was actually the entire country of China getting their celebration on by lighting shit on fire and by shit I mean explosives, boxes of explosives. Melissa hopped out of bed which prompted me to get some clothes on. Right outside of our hostel a full on fireworks war was happening. I don’t want to downplay the seriousness of PTSD but if feeling disoriented, having a raised heart rate, fearing injury, covering your ears, being unable to breathe, and ducking for cover are symptoms of PTSD, then I had it for 15 minutes. I have never seen anything like it and probably never will unless I decide to go back to Beijing. Those Chinamen know how to party.

Firecracker waste.

The citizens ride vintage bicycles. I imagine Austin hipsters would get giant chubbies thinking about ways to restore these ancient two-wheelers. Other things that would be boner inducing for Austin hipsters:

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