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The Rare Occasion That Passive Aggression is Called For

It's like I'm not in a cafe any more, but rather receiving a diplomatic corps from a nation I'm at war with. The woman has a "stern and serious fucking business" look on her face, and another waitress is standing alongside her right flank with arms crossed.

I shake my head and try to wave them off, doing the universal "I'm on the phone" gesture, holding up a thumb and pinky finger.

She starts speaking anyways. She's loud and insistent.

"Hold on, Marcus."

I take my headset off. "Yes?"

And it Keeps Going

On Tynan

I'm slightly tired now, after my 1pm. The one before was one of those naps where I naturally woke up early. I seems like those cause some sleepiness in the next-next cycle, rather than the one expected. From now on I will try to make myself go back to sleep when I wake early.

Even so, I'm not very tired... but I don't feel perfect like I did before. There's a Dell guy here to fix my printer, but after he leaves I plan on singing really loud to rap music to wake myself up.

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