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Things are on fire? Hmm. Well, then.

It's nice being over-bandwidth, because things come into clear perspective.

Our new office is live on Monday, I've got to be there and start training some of the staff we've got coming onboard.

So my other two major projects need to be deathmarched to a sustainable state for my involvement to fall off a lot after Monday.

Perspective... a little bit of smoke is wafting in the room. Normally I'd go, "Ahh, a fire!" and I'd run to put it out.

But it's a little trash fire. We've got a whole inferno a few miles away. Can't see it, can't smell it, but it'll overtake and destroy many important things if not handled.

My Favorite Places in San Francisco

On Tynan

I've spent most of my time in San Francisco since fleeing the oppressive summer heat of Texas. Since then, mostly thanks to awesome recommendations from other people, I've discovered some amazing places here. This is a selection of my favorites... all of which should be checked out by anyone who lives here. Know somewhere else amazing? Let me know!

Samovar Tea Lounge

If you like tea you should come to Samovar. If you love tea, you'll probably end up coming here every day like I do. Samovar does tea like tea is meant to be done: large servings of loose leaf tea, steeped for the exact right time in the exact right temperature water. The lounges are very pleasant comfortable places, and the employees are awesome people. There are three locations; I like the Page Street one the best.

Adult Night at the Exploratorium

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